English Medium

Module and Lessons
Module I: Foundations of Psychology
1.Psychology: Understanding Self and Others
2.How Psychologists Study?
3.Biological and Cultural Shaping of Mind and Behaviour
4.Becoming Aware of the World Around Us
5.Attention and Perception
Module II: Key Psychological Processes
6.Learning Process and Acquiring Skills
7.Remembering and Forgetting
8.Going Beyond the Reality: Thinking and Reasoning
Module III: Developmental Processes
11.Development: Its Nature
12.Domains of Development
14.Adulthood and Aging
15.Understanding Individual Differences: The case of Intelligence
Module IV: Self and Personality
16.What is Self?
17.Self and Psychological Processes
18.Personality Theories
19.Personality Assessment
20.Psychological Disorder
Module V: Social and Applied Psychology
21.Group Processes
22.Person Perception and Interpersonal Attraction
23.Man Environment Interaction
25.Health Psychology
Optional module
Module and Lessons
Module VI: Optional Module
World of Work
26.Education and work
27.Career Development
28.Vocational Choice and Vocational Adjustment
29.Stress and Your Health
30.Stress management and Well-Being
Facilitating Early Childhood Education
26.Developmental Patterns in Early Childhood
27.Play Centre: Objectives
28.Play Centre: Structural Details
29.Planning and Conducting Programmes
30.Involvement of Parents and Community in a Play Centre

मनोविज्ञान हिंदी माध्यम

पाठ 1 से 10
पाठ 11 से 25
प्रश्न पत्र डिजाइन तथा नमूना प्रश्न पत्र
वैकल्पिक मॉड्यूल
मॉड्यूल 6A पाठ 26 से 30
मॉड्यूल 6B पाठ 26 से 30